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  Anonymous said: Are you german ?

Hey love:)

Yes I am.

Lots of love

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Thank you all so, so very much for all of your lovely messages about my pic. I’ve never thought to receive such an amazing feedback about it. It’s really overwhelming how nice all of you are. I’m lost for words. Thank you very much!

Lots of love to all of you

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Make up of alwayswearwhatyouwanttowear by alwayswearwhatyouwanttowear featuring makeup
Makeup / Manhattan Khol Kajal Eyeliner Nr. 1010N Farbe: Black Kajal Pencil…, $4.48
Here you go if you wanna recreate my make-up:)

Step 1: Apply a moisturizer.

  • I used the Essence PureSkin Moisturizer

Step 2: Use a concealer on any trouble spots and under the eyes and blend out.

  • Manhattan Wake Up Concealer in the colour 1

Step 3: Apply a pressed powder over it to set.

  • Synergen Compact Powder 01 One

Step 4: Take a black eyeliner pen and create a line with medium thickness starting about 3/4 of the way it and flick it out a bit at the ends.

  • P2 professional eye liner pen 010 deep black

Step 5: Take a tan eyeshadow and apply it as a base color on the lids. Then take a light brown/taupe and apply it to the crease. 

  • Catrice Smokey Eyes Set 030 Meet me at the Bonfire

Step 6: Take a darker green and take it along the bottom lash line and on the outer corner of the eye and blend it out a bit to give it a smokey effect!

  • P2 Style Deluxe designer in green

Step 7: Apply black eyeliner to the bottom waterline.

  • Manhattan Khol Kajal Eyeliner 1010N black

Step 8: Apply a volumizing mascara.

  • Maybelline Volum’ Express® The Rocket™ Washable Mascara

Step 9: Use a light nude lipstick!

  • Maybelline 24h SuperStay in 611 Creme Caramel


Big thank you to sophiasmithbeauty for helping creating this guide:)

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  Anonymous said: Hii I was wondering if you could make a post about how you did your make-up for that gorgeous pic? If you don't like I totally understand it. x

Hey lovely:)

Thank you very much:) I’m currently working on it with Megan of Sophismithbeauty since I really suck at explining, ha:)

Lots of love

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Stripes, wool and denim by alwayswearwhatyouwanttowear featuring a denim jacket

Jeremy Scott top, $500 / Rag bone JEAN denim jacket / Balmain jeans, $1,565 / Converse shoes / Proenza Schouler leather bag, $1,740
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Tiered cobweb tulle skirt by alwayswearwhatyouwanttowear featuring stella mccartney sneakers

Rebecca Taylor floral crop top / Burberry patent jacket / Burberry tulle skirt / Stella mccartney sneaker / Yves Saint Laurent beige handbag
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Who said you can’t wear your boyfriends clothes? by alwayswearwhatyouwanttowear featuring a crossbody purse

Muscle tank / Hollister co jacket / River Island high rise jeans, $64 / Black cut-out booties, $48 / Brooks Brothers crossbody purse
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Fur season by alwayswearwhatyouwanttowear featuring leather sandals

Crop tank, $8.06 / Altuzarra black jacket, $115 / Jane Norman high waisted skirt, $48 / Leather sandals / BeckSöndergaard pink purse, $97
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Trench fur by alwayswearwhatyouwanttowear featuring a trench coat

Trench coat / H&M black jeans, $48 / Converse canvas sneaker, $73 / River Island brown handbag, $73
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thestyleselections Thank you, hun;) Love you 😘❤️

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  Anonymous said: Gorgeous!! Love you x

Aww thank you, babe:) Means a lot! Love you, too:)

Lots of love

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  Anonymous said: WOW😍

Thank you very much, sweetie:)

Lots of love

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sophias-wardrobe Aww thank you sooo much, hun:) Means a lot! 😘❤️

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  Anonymous said: You are a beauty! ❤️

Awww thank you sweety:) That’s really nice of you! I don’t see myself as a beauty. 🙈 thank you very much:)

Lots of love 😘

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Channeling my inner Sophia Smith fangirl 🙈 Sophia definately put it off way better 👑 #fashion #fblogger #blog #style #hat #sophiasmith #me #aboutme #personal #love #fun #girl #sophialookswybetterthanme #alwayswearwhatyouwanttowear

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